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Biscornu Kits
Here you will see our series of BISCORNU KITS. Biscornu's are VERY trendy! - wildly popular and just plain cute with their quirky shapes. Each kit in this series will coordinate with one of The Sweetheart Tree's best selling decorative scissor fobs - We'll add more Biscornu kits to this series so be on the lookout! Remember, these Biscornu kits are "all-inclusive kits" so everything (except your stuffing material) will be included in the kit for you.

Summer Flowers Biscornu

Pretty Pineapples Biscornu CHART PACK

Blackwork Floral Biscornu

Bumblebee Biscornu

Let's Get Fancy Biscornu

Stitcher's Favorite Biscornu

Halloween Pumpkins Biscornu

Spring Blossoms Biscornu

Lavender Blossoms Biscornu

Holiday Holly Biscornu

Baby Shamrocks Biscornu

Cat Lovers Biscornu

Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu