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WOO HOO! The "Knob Knocker Collection" Most of us have faced the awful dilemma of what to do when we have run out of wall space to hang our framed needlework! Some even have so many needlework pillows on the bed that there's no room to sleep! Well, now you don't have to give up your needlework addiction folks. No way! "Knob Knockers" are the solution!

"Knob Knockers" are the perfect way to showcase your needlework skills while at the same time using them to decorate your home. They're quick to stitch and just plain fun to display!

Our "Knob Knocker Collection" is off to a great start but the Collection will not end just there. There will be as many "Knob Knockers" as you have doorknobs - or maybe even more! We'll have Holiday and Seasonal "Knob Knockers" and some will be just for a touch of whimsy! You'll be able to interchange your Knob Knockers to suit virtually any occasion because the Collection will continue to grow and grow. There's another bonus too....when they're not in use your Knob Knockers can be stored flat in a small amount of drawer space. Give them as gifts to all your needlework buddies. We'll have a LOT more "Knob Knockers" for you soon -- so watch this spot for their arrival and you'll never have to look at a "naked" door knob again!