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Out of Print
Although there are hundreds of patterns in our product line, a number of the early designs have been "sold out" or "retired." We're sorry but if a design is shown on this page of our website it is out of print & our inventory for these items is gone.

Antique Elegance

Dog In - Dog Out

In The Meadow

Hush...Baby Sleeps

Trick Or Treat

Happy Birthday


April Showers

Happy Easter Knob Knocker

Let It Snow Knob Knocker

Sunshine Yellow Pincushion

Weeping Violets Sampler

A Holly Merry Christmas

A Simple Sampler

American Heritage

Baby Violets

Berries and Shortcake Biscornu

Blackberries On Gingham Biscornu

Buckingham Rose Sampler

Busy Bee Sampler

Cache Heart

Cheerful Snowman

Daisy On Black

Elizabethan Floral

Family Tree

Fancy Heart

Floral Heart

Hearts And Flowers

Holly-Days Sampler

Irish Heart

Jack & The Silver Spider

Kensington Rose

Loving Patience

Poinsettia On Gingham

Polka Dot Bunny

Pumpkin Duo

Serenity Sampler

Snowflakes In The Pines

Spider Web Roses

Sunflower On Gingham


Tapestry Heart Punchneedle

Teenie Bee Skep

Teenie Birth Announcement

Teenie Graduation Announcement

Teenie Tooth Fairy Pillow

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

The Grape Arbor Sampler

The Price Of Freedom

The Ring Bearer's Pillow

The Stitcher's Favorite Fob

Tiny Tulips

To Have & To Hold Bridal Sampler

Tulip Heart

Tulip Welcome

Vintner's Sampler

Itty Bitty Kitty - Easter

Teapots And Tulips

Purple Vinca

Lavender Radiance

Rosebuds & Hardanger