Do ChiaoGoo cables fit Knit Picks needles?

Are ChiaoGoo needles compatible?

Now here’s a bit of a shocker: all parts of the ChiaoGoo interchangeable set are actually not compatible with each other. You can buy the Small and Large sets separately, too, if you tend to use needle sizes in only one sub-set. The Small comes in sizes 2.75 mm (US 2) to 5.0 mm (US 8).

Do knitters pride cables work with Knit Picks needles?

Answer: Knitters pride cables work with all knit picks interchangeable needle tips. I have knit picks metal, acylic & wood interchangeable needle tips.

Are Knitter’s pride and knit picks interchangeable?

KnitPicks needles were originally manufactured by the same factory that made Knitter’s Pride and KnitPro needles; for this reason, their needles and cables can be used across all three brands.

Are ChiaoGoo needles worth it?

The needles feel really good to knit with and the cables are nice and flexible and don’t stay in that annoying curled shape. I’ve had them for about 4 months now and haven’t had any problems with tips staying on tight. The size range is perfect for 99% of the projects I make. Two very minor complaints.

Are Lykke and knit picks interchangeable?

Only knitpicks’ line stopper (with metal screw part) is definitely better than Lykke’s(plastic), but the 2 brands are compatible, so I can use good ones! Lykke provides various length of lines, so you can choose suitable line for any projects, and you can leave the line with stopper when you work on different part.

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Are Knit Picks needles good?

Known primarily for their wonderful wooden needles, most of them are made from smooth laminated birch sourced from sustainable sources. Available in several different gorgeous colorways, these needles look beautiful while being a joy to use. They’re a great place to buy knitting needles.

Are all interchangeable knitting needles compatible?

As you can see, there are brands and products which are compatible between each other and it can be worthwhile to make use of this. Especially Knit Pro’s thread seems to be very common and used for many no name brands as well, even internationally, so you can combine and interchange without any problems.

What is a good brand of knitting needles?

Clover Takumi are the best brand of knitting needles to try if you’re looking for sturdy bamboo pins at a great price. They’re polished with a fine abrasive to give them a smooth finish, and are carefully made to ensure no splinters that might catch your yarn.

How do you keep interchangeable needles from unscrewing?


Interchangeable needles have a tendency to come loose from the repetitive motion of knitting – meaning the tips start to slowly unscrew from the cable. So, the tighter you can twist the needles to the cable the better.