Do you need a sewing machine cover?

Why do you need a sewing machine cover?

Whether you sew every day or only once a month, it’s important to keep your sewing machine covered when you’re not using it. Covering your sewing machine prevents dirt, dust, and pet hair from getting inside the gears, which will greatly extend the life of your machine.

What is a front cover on a sewing machine?

A cover keeps your machine protected from dust and sun exposure when not in use, and a custom sewn cover in gorgeous fabric can be a very pretty alternative to what may have come with your machine. … Read on to see how we measured our Janome Skyline machine to determine our cuts.

How do you clean a sewing machine cover?

Use a dry cloth to wipe off excess fabric left behind on needle plate or bobbin cover. Doing this ensures that it does not get into the inside of your machine. Additionally, keep your sewing machine clean by ensuring you cover it up when you are not using it.

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