How do I match prints on my seams?

How much extra fabric do I need to match a pattern?

Instead of a plain fabric, you’ve chosen an ikat pattern, 54inW, that repeats every 12 inches vertically and every 10 inches horizontally. Per the chart above, you need to order an additional 20% of fabric—or 1.8 yards—so that the pattern matches correctly.

How do I check my garment pattern?

A quick version

  1. Hold the pieces up to your body to check that they are roughly the right size.
  2. Check that your corners are right angles.
  3. Put the pieces on top of each other and run your fingers down all the seams to check that there are not large differences in seam lengths where you’ll be sewing pieces together.

Why is it that plaids should be matched at seam lines?

Plaids, Nap & Direction

Matching plaids at seams creates a nicely finished item, and is a sign of quality clothing. It is not difficult to do, once you know the proper technique. Fabric with directional print or nap needs special consideration when laying out pattern pieces. Extra fabric is required.

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