How do you frame a small quilt?

Do you have to put binding on a quilt?

Yes, you really can make a quilt without binding!

How wide should Binding be on mini quilt?

If you bind the mini the same way you do a bed quilt, the larger scale binding is a dead giveaway. Though I am not a “purist” mini maker, I do like to keep the binding on my minis as slim as I can so that it seems to “fit” the smaller size quilt. I cut my binding anywhere from 1″ to 1 1/8″.

What size should a quilt binding be?

If the size of your seam allowance is the regular ¼”, the ideal width for your quilt binding strips will range from 2” to 2 ½”. It all depends on your preferences. It can also be wider if you prefer a larger binding than the standard ¼” seam allowance width.

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