How do you iron smART Pixelator beads?

Can you use regular paper for Perler beads?

Can you iron smART Pixelator pegs?

smART Pixel Beads are beads that are placed onto a bead tray on top of the smART Pixelator’s screen and the final bead creation can be ironed to create 2D or 3D art. … Both the pegs and beads are perfect to start out with and are suitable for ages 7+.

What beads are compatible with smART Pixelator?

We use a regular perler bead tray and regular perler beads with the pixelator with no issues!!

How do you pair a smART Pixelator?

Download the smART Pixelator™ App from the relevant App store. 3. Turn on Bluetooth on your device. Note: There is no need to pair and/or connect your device to the smART Pixelator™ from your device Bluetooth settings menu; The App will automatically locate the smART Pixelator™.

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