How do you join another color in knitting?

What is intarsia technique in knitting?

Intarsia is a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. As with the woodworking technique of the same name, fields of different colours and materials appear to be inlaid in one another, fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Is intarsia the same as fairisle?

In Fair-Isle knitting, both yarns are carried across the whole row, and each yarn is used in different stitches throughout the row. … In Intarsia knitting, different pieces of yarn are used to knit separate blocks of color of any size, for example, a yellow duck on the front of a blue baby sweater.

Can you double knit with 3 colors?

3-Color Double Knitting is executed in the same basic way as 2-Color, but with the obvious addition of a third color. … While you can certainly opt to add two different colors (using one strand of each), by adding two strands of the same color the pattern will be the same on both sides of the square.

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