How do you sew a snap button?

How does a snap button work?

It holds the socket (top), which is riveted to the underside of the button cap. Inside the socket is a tight wire spring that expands and contracts around the stud as it is pressed on and pulled off. Eventually, the spring looses its strength, causing the fastener to fail.

How do you put snap fasteners on clothes?

Start by securing the snap cap and socket side. Place the snap cap right side down in the metal cup, and place outer fabric right side down over prongs, taking care that the placement markings are aligning with the snap. Press down to push prongs through the fabric.

How do you loosen a snap button?

To help avoid this problem, it is possible to make the metal snaps easier to unsnap.

  1. Dip the tip of a cotton swab into petroleum jelly or wax, such as car wax. …
  2. Rub the cotton swab around the inside of the female, or open end, of the snap. …
  3. Dip the cotton swab back into the petroleum jelly or wax.
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