How do you store small scrapbook paper?

How do you manage paper clutter?

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  1. 1 Set up a sorting system. The trick to dealing with paper clutter before it piles up is to catch it the second it comes in the door. …
  2. 2 Have the recycling ready. Set out a paper recycling bin right below the sorting station. …
  3. 3 Go digital. …
  4. 4 Create long-term storage.

How do you store different types of paper?

Some great options for short-term storage are:

  1. file cabinet with hanging file folders.
  2. open top file box.
  3. basket to hold files.
  4. binders (many people are using binders more and more to store their papers)
  5. stacking paper trays or scrapbook shelves (pilers this might be an option for you)
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