How do you wear an open knit sweater?

What do you wear under a chunky knit sweater?

“Accentuate a chunky knit with a belt at the waist, a minimal bag, and cozy pants or trousers,” says Tyler. To elongate your frame amid hefty layers, the fashion influencer says, “boots or a simple pair of heels will do wonders for this look.”

What bra do you wear with a sweater?

If you’re looking for a bra that blends seamlessly under clothing, then try reaching for a cotton or satin lined bra. Not only are these fabrics super comfortable, but their soft texture makes them great for layering under knits.

Are cable knit sweaters in style?

Cable knit sweaters

“Cable knit is usually a seasonal staple, but this year, they’re chunkier and they’re just hotter than ever,” Gulbransen said. “It’s a classic for fall/winter, but it’s definitely a standout when it comes to sweaters.”

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