How is PPI calculated in weaving?

How is weaving cost calculated?

The weaving cost is expressed as paisa /pick/inch/sq mt. … The cost of weaving for rapier loom for plain weave 40″ width fabrics = 8 paisa/pick/inch/sq nmt which means that for a 120 inch width fabric the cost will be 24 paisa/pick/mt. For twill weave, the cost = 12 paisa/pick/inch/sq mt.

Why is PPI more than EPI?

Normally EPI is more than PPI in fabric. Picks per inch is the number of weft yarns, per inch length of woven fabric that means how many weft yarns are contained in an inch of fabric. Basically, higher picks per inch creates compact, dense and finer fabric.

What is RPM in weaving machine?

The world’s fastest jet loom

The figure “2,105 rpm” means that 2,105 weft threads are inserted per one minute.

What is English cotton count?

Also referred to as Ne or Number English. It is the number of times the length of one pound of yarn can be divided by 840. … Therefore, a 6/1 Ne yarn would have 5,040 yards in one pound of yarn.

What is a set in weaving?

“Sett” is one of those fabulous old-fashioned weaving words that might seem strange at first, but refers to something pretty simple: how many strands of warp yarn there are in a single inch of weaving width.

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How is garment cost calculated?

Example of garment costing:

  1. CMT charges are calculated as: Total available capacity per month (in minute) = 26 working days*8 hours/day*60=12,480 minutes.
  2. Labour cost per minute = (Monthly salary of an operators/Total minutes available in the month) at 100% efficiency.
  3. = 6000/12480.

How is yarn cost calculated?

By taking actual count-wise production rates achieved, consumable cost per kilogram of yarn is obtained. Standard packing material cost per kilogram of yarn is obtained by cost of items used (packing material) in unit packing and dividing by the package weight.

What does EPI mean in yarn?

Overview: The number of yarn ends per inch (or EPI) is the number of warp strands you must warp in one inch on the loom. It affects the design and appearance of the weaving. It can also influence the visibility of the weft yarns.

How do you calculate Reed Space?

It is calculated in stock port system.No. of dents in 2 inches is called Reed Count.

Effective Weave Density = W. D x K of loom width x K of Design.

Wp / filling – K Loom Width – K Weave Design – K
Polyester Filament = 1.22 220 cm – 1.02 Drill 1/3 = 0.77
250 cm – 1.08 Satin 1/4 = 0.69
330 cm – 1.15
360 cm – 1.20