How is space dyed yarn made?

What is space dye material?

Space dyeing is a yarn dyeing technique in which a multicolor or blurred dye look is created. It creates a textured pattern and provides more color in the fabric. Space dyeing can be done in any type of fiber- natural or synthetic. It is normally done on polyester, cotton, rayon, nylon and wool.

What is space dyed carpet?

Space dyed carpet is a yarn dyeing process in which different colors are applied along a length of yarn (usually a continuous filament strand) at intervals. Space dyed yarn produces, in its subsequent tufted fabric form, an effect of random, unorganized design.

What is melange fabric?

Mélange is a versatile material that can appeal to many demographics and markets today. … Also known as heathered fabric, mélange is traditionally made of dyed and undyed fibers weaved together inconsistently, resulting in a unique, eye-catching pattern.

What is yarn package dyeing?

Yarn dyeing in package form is done under high pressure, this helps in forcing the dye liquor to penetrate to the core of the yarn. Most carded and combed yarn that is used for knitted outer wear is package dyed.

How cotton yarn is dyed?

Cotton yarn is packed by the spinning mills in hank or cone form. … Dyeing cycle requires yarn to be kept in dye for certain period of time at a certain temperature depending on type of dye used and shade required. After dyeing, the excess water is removed and hank / soft cones dried completely.

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