Is regular fit the same as tailored?

What is a regular fit?

as the name implies is the traditional cut and fits looser around the body – both at the jacket and pants. The chest, arms, waist are all relaxed and looser. Never boxy, the regular fit is still impeccably tailored to flatter your individual body shape and size.

What is regular fit size?

WHAT IS A REGULAR FIT T-SHIRT? A regular fit T-shirt usually hugs snuggly around the body while leaving adequate room for comfort in the sleeves and waist. The right size regular fit T-shirt is loose, but not too much to the point of being sloppy or over-the-top.

What is the difference between classic fit and tailored fit trousers?

The cut of the tailored trouser has a slightly shorter rise and less fabric. It’s purpose is to slim down the classic fit, providing a more streamlined appearance but is not as snugly fitting as the slim fit trousers. Tailored fit can be considered the bridge between classic and slim fit trousers.

Is modern fit the same as slim fit?

Modern fit pants are a cut that falls somewhere in between slim fit and classic fit. While they are not quite as narrow as slim fit pants, they are more narrow than the classic fit.

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Is size 40 a large or medium?


(Men’s or Unisex Sizes)
Medium: 38-40″
Large: 42-44″
XLarge: 46-48″

What chest size is a 16 inch collar?

Shirts, Sweaters & Jackets

Size Neck Chest
Small 15.5 – 16 36 – 38
Medium 16.5 – 17 39 – 41
Large 17 – 17.5 42 – 44
XL 18 – 18.5 45 – 48

Can a classic fit suit be tailored to slim?

A slim-fitting suit that fits the contours of the body more closely has a clean, tailored look. You can alter a suit to your proportions and save money by not having to buy a new one. Have someone else (preferably a tailor) measure your chest, arms, inseam, waist and neck.

What does tailored fit mean in pants?

Tailored fit pants could be just the thing for you. Tailored fit men’s pants are made to be fitted but not too tight all the way down the leg. They have a way of making you look polished and put together without having to try too hard.