Question: What does it mean to pat across in crochet?

What is Pat knitting?

“Pat” is likely short for “pattern stitch“.

What does M stand for in knitting?

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Abbreviation Description
m marker
M1 or M1K make one stitch knitwise; single knit increase
M1R make one right; single right-leaning knit increase
M1L make one left; single left-leaning knit increase

Does it matter which way you turn your work in crochet?

It may not seem like it matters, but turning in crochet ought to be done consistently each time. That is, you should be turning the same way every time you turn to the next side. The turn creates a neat edge, which is important if you are joining two pieces or seaming garments.

What does SC INC mean in crochet?

The “inc, 1 sc” within the brackets means you will make an increase (so 2 single crochet stitches) in the next stitch, followed by 1 single crochet stitch in the stitch after that.

How do you read a crochet pattern for beginners?

It’s helpful to get familiar with a crochet stitch glossary, but here’s a brief overview of abbreviations beginners are likely to see:

  1. beg = beginning.
  2. ch = chain stitch.
  3. ch sp = chain space.
  4. dc = double crochet.
  5. dec = decrease.
  6. inc = increase.
  7. mc = main color.
  8. rep = repeat.
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