Question: When depositing overlapping welds on a pad of beads the overlap should be about?

How much should stringer beads overlap on a filler pass?

Filler passes are made with Stringer beads or weave beads. They should overlap enough so that the finished bead is smooth. Stringer beads usually overlap about 50% and weave beads overlap approximately 25%. Each weld bead must be cleaned before the next bead it started.

Why must the weld beads in padding be overlapped?

Overlapping beads are made by depositing connective weld beads parallel to one another. The parallel beads overlap, forming a flat surface. Overlapping beads are used to build up a surface and to make multi-pass welds.

When striking an arc The general rule for arc length is that the arc length should be of the electrode being used?

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Question Answer
When striking an arc in SMAW welding the general rule is that the arc length should be _________ the same as the diameter of the electrode
concentrated magnetic fields in the base metal cause the arc to . Deflect
the most common fillet welds made are in ___________ joints lap andT joints
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When welding a butt joint thicker the metal greater the amount of overlap is needed?

A single V-groove butt joint is used on material from 3/8″ to 3/4″ thick. For joint efficiency in a lap joint, an overlap greater than three times the thickness of the thinnest member is recommended.

What four factors must an arc welder control in order to produce an acceptable bead?

The movement or weaving of the welding electrode can control the following characteristics of the weld bead: penetration, buildup, width, porosity, undercut, overlap, and slag inclusions.

What is the effect of long arc?

Arc Length Too Long

Arc welding is a constant current process, but the arc length has an effect on voltage. Reducing the arc length will decrease the voltage, and this reduces the heat in the weld. Increasing arc length will increase the voltage.