What does it mean to not join rounds in crochet?

Do you not join in the round in crochet?

Usually it means that instead of an slst and chaining, you just continue with your pattern in a spiral. It’s SUPER helpful to use chain markers in this situation! Just keep working in a spiral. When you finish a round, don’t slip stitch your last stitch to the first one.

What does do not join work in continuous rounds mean in crochet?

With continuous rounds, rounds are not joined and the work is not turned. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine the end of one round and the beginning of another, thus making it challenging to count rounds.

Do not join Meaning?

Filters. Not joining; that do not join. Nonjoining fragments.

What does it mean to work in a continuous round in crochet?

Continuous rounds are a way to work in the round without ever joining or turning your work. When you finish one round, you simply continue working around again. There’s no slip stitch and no chain to start the next round, so there is no visible “seam”.

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