What is a rolled hem stitch used for?

When would you use a rolled hem?

Uses for the rolled hem:

Use a rolled hem to sew the edges of a piece of silk chiffon or other very delicate fabric and turn it into a scarf. Use a rolled hem on sheer fabrics – examples might include sewing a slip or a pair of sheer curtains.

Can you do a rolled hem on cotton?

The basic rolled hem

In our example, we are using a woven cotton fabric that is easy to press. … Press the edge of the fabric ⅛” to ¼” to the wrong side, depending on the width of the hemmer foot you’re using (see more about different width feet below). With a rolled hem, you normally do not use any pins.

What is a hem allowance?

Hem allowance – Hem allowance is the distance between the cutting line and the hemline. This allowance is folded inside the garment before it is sewn. Also called “hem depth,” it varies with the garment style and sewing technique.

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