What is a Sew Easy foot?

What is an sewing foot?

A presser foot is an attachment used with sewing machines to hold fabric flat as it is fed through the machine and stitched. … Presser feet are typically spring-hinged to provide some flexibility as the workpiece moves beneath it. Presser feet have two toes, one to hold the fabric down on either side of the needle.

How do you use adjustable guide foot?

Instructions. The adjustable guide foot guides from the top. Simply line up the guide to the edge of your fabric, a line on your fabric, a row of stitching or a crease and then sew away, keeping the guide on the line, crease or edge. No marking or basting necessary.

How do you use a singer stitch gauge and guide?

Simply position the seam gauge under the presser foot, lower the needle into the selected hole, and secure the presser foot over the gauge. Remove the seam guide’s protective adhesive backing and set aside for later use, then align the guide against the edge of the gauge and press into place.

How does a Ruffler foot work?

The Ruffler Foot allows you to determine not only the frequency of the fabric tucks, but also the depth of the tucks. Turn the Adjusting screw near the front or side of your machine. This will adjust the amount of fabric pushed into the attachment each time it makes a tuck in the fabric.

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