What is CB in crochet?

What does CHS mean in crochet?

ch – chain stitch. dc – double crochet. dc2tog – double crochet two stitches together. dtr – double treble crochet. edc – extended double crochet.

What does D mean in crochet?

D: dc = double crochet. dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together.

What does RFP mean in crochet?

Front Post Treble Crochet (fptr): Yo 2 times, insert your hook from front to back to front around the post of the next stitch, yo, pull up a loop, (yo, pull thru 2 loops on your hook) 3 times.

What does SS stand for in crochet?

Slip Stitch (ss)

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