What is K1B in knitting?

Does K1b add a stitch?

Your instructions may tell you to “knit into the stitch below,” often abbreviated k1b or k-b. When you increase a stitch, you add one to your needle, so this technique adds a stitch to the row below the one you’re working on. Insert your needle into the stitch directly below the next stitch on the LH needle.

What does purl 1 below mean?

Purl 1 Below

Insert the right needle from back to front (just like normal purling) into the space below the next stitch, right under the purl bump. … Purl as you normally would, allowing the stitch to fall off the left needle as usual.

What is knit stitch in knitting?

n. A basic stitch in knitting, created by pulling a loop of yarn from the back of the fabric to the front through a previous stitch.

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