What is needed to crochet doilies?

What is needed to make doilies?

Pick a skein of double-knit yarn and a size G (4 mm) crochet hook. You can use double-knit yarn in any color, but try to find a skein that’s around 150 yards (140 m). If you’d like to make a doily with tighter stitches, use a smaller crochet hook.

What yarn is used to crochet doilies?

This beautiful cotton yarn is suitable choice for crochet projects such as doily mat which is one most common piece of fabric used as a table top.

Are doilies hard to crochet?

Unless you are experienced with thread crochet, it can be a little bit tough to get used to. Work with thicker yarns first and then work your way down to thread crochet doilies.

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