What is space dye yarn?

What is space dye color?

Space dyeing is a yarn dyeing technique in which a multicolor or blurred dye look is created. It creates a textured pattern and provides more color in the fabric. Space dyeing can be done in any type of fiber- natural or synthetic. It is normally done on polyester, cotton, rayon, nylon and wool.

What is space dyed carpet?

Space dyed carpet is a yarn dyeing process in which different colors are applied along a length of yarn (usually a continuous filament strand) at intervals. Space dyed yarn produces, in its subsequent tufted fabric form, an effect of random, unorganized design.

What are the types of yarn dyeing?

There are many forms of yarn dyeing: skein (hank) dyeing, package dyeing, warp beam dyeing & space dyeing. Package dyeing is a mature technology that is one of the most commonly used methods of yarn dyeing. The term package dyeing usually denotes for dyeing of yarn that has been wound on perforated cores.

What is space dye clothing?

The process to create space dye fabric is the dyeing of yarn in multiple colors along the entire strand length which gives that marble effect on the fabric surface. These multi-color fabrics have a soft hand, high-performance capabilities, and also wicking treatment.

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