What’s another word for crochet?

What is a synonym for crochet?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crochet, like: crocheting, knit, tatting, hook, embroidery, quilting, cross-stitch, mohair, macrame, intarsia and needlepoint.

What is a antonym for crochet?

Antonyms. undercharge straight line unhook unfasten. needlework crocheting.

What do you call a person who knits?

Noun. 1. knitter – someone who makes garments (or fabrics) by intertwining yarn or thread. needleworker – someone who does work (as sewing or embroidery) with a needle.

Why is crochet so popular?

Knitting and Crochet as Hobbies and More

Yarn crafts are popular because they‘re portable (all you need is your needles, your yarn, and your hands), relatively low-cost to start, and output totally personalized projects that are meant to be worn, used, and enjoyed.

What is the opposite of crocheting?

noun. ( kroʊˈʃeɪ) Needlework done by interlocking looped stitches with a hooked needle. Antonyms. undercharge straight line unhook unfasten. needlework crocheting.

What is another name for crochet in music?

A quarter note (American) or crotchet (British) is a note played for one quarter of the duration of a whole note (or semibreve). Quarter notes are notated with a filled-in oval note head and a straight, flagless stem.

What are the abbreviations for crocheting?

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Abbreviation Description
dc2tog double crochet 2 stitches together
dec decrease
dtr double treble crochet
edc extended double crochet