Why do water drops bead on a freshly waxed surface Group of answer choices?

Why does water bead on waxed surfaces?

Water molecules are attracted in every direction by other water molecules and are more attract- ed to each other than they are to the wax paper. … Water’s attraction to itself and its strong surface tension causes water to bead up instead of spreading out on the wax paper.

Why does water form beads on a table?

It turns out that this surface tension is the result of the tendency of water molecules to attract one another (called cohesion). … When cohesion is more of a factor, the water forms spherical droplets; when adhesion is more of a factor, we get sheets of water.

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Why does water form beaded droplets on surfaces such as leaves waxed car hoods and waxed paper?

Water and wax do not get along. Waxed paper pushes water away and does not absorb it. The surface tension of the water pulls it into a little round blob; these blobs, or drops, can slide around waxed paper because the paper does not absorb it.

Why do small drops of water tend to bead up?

Liquids with high surface tension tend to bead up when present in small amounts (Figure 10.10 “Effects of Surface Tension”). … If cohesive forces within a liquid are stronger than adhesive forces between a liquid and another substance, then the liquid tends to keep to itself; it will bead up.

Why water spreads out on a clean glass surface?

Forces of attraction between a liquid and a solid surface are called adhesive forces. … Water wets glass and spreads out on it because the adhesive forces between the liquid and the glass are stronger than the cohesive forces within the water.

What happens when you put oil on wax paper?

Processed in the sense that parchment paper is coated with films of oil or wax in order to make it resistant to water. When the paper is coated with wax or oil, which are both immiscible with water or moisture, it stays on the paper, thus making it water and moisture-proof.

What property makes water bead?

This dome-like shape forms due to the water molecules‘ cohesive properties, or their tendency to stick to one another. Cohesion refers to the attraction of molecules for other molecules of the same kind, and water molecules have strong cohesive forces thanks to their ability to form hydrogen bonds with one another.

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What allows water to bead up?

More precisely, the positive and negative charges of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water molecules makes them attracted to each other.

What did you notice with the droplets of water on the foil when you shook it?

“What do you notice about the drop of water you put on the aluminum foil?” It spreads out. … “On the aluminum foil, the water molecules spread out because they are attracted to the aluminum.”

What property causes water to bead up on the hood of a freshly waxed car?

Surface tension allows objects that are denser than water, such as the paper clip shown in B in Figure below , to nonetheless float on its surface. It is also responsible for the beading up of water droplets on a freshly waxed car because there are no attractions between the polar water molecules and the nonpolar wax.

What happened to the drop of water when you touched it with toothpick?

Water molecules have a strong attraction for each other. … But when you dip the toothpick into dish soap, the water water is repelled, not attracted, so the water bubble bursts as it tries to move away.

What is shown once water droplets bead up on the surface of paper wax or leaves?

Adhesion is shown once water droplets bead up on the surface of paper wax or. leaves.

When you bring two drops of water near each other and allow them to touch they combine?

When you bring two drops of water near each other and allow them to touch, they combine immediately and become one drop. This is mainly because * 1 point. a. Water molecules are made of atoms.

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