Why is bar tack sewing machine used in trouser stitching?

What is a bar tack machine?

Bar tack sewing machines are generally used for sewing on the belt loops on all garments, they create the stitch that tacks it onto the waistline. This is needed when a durable professional finish is required. The most popular place to find a bar tack stitch is the belt loops on jeans.

What is bar machine?

Introduction: Industrial bar tack machine is actually a lockstitch machine group. By this machine, a very high density lockstitch is produced in very short length for increase the strength of that particular place. These machines are used for sewing both woven and knitted garments.

What is backtack?

Back tack – The end of seam when you stitch backwards for a few stitches to anchor the stitch.

How do you sew back tack?

To lock the beginning or end of a seam by sewing forward for a few stitches and then reversing to sew backwards directly over the same stitches.

What is the characteristic of bar tacking machine?

Features Of Bar Tacking Machine: The features of bar tacking machine are given below. Bar tacking machine provides forward and backward stitching in short length (about 6 cm) and sew a dense tack. Bar tacks containing 18 to 72 stitches, has option to change stitch density. Bar tacking machine based on lock stitches.

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