You asked: What is the easiest way to thread a sewing needle?

How do you thread a needle with a small eye?

Hold the flat end of the needle threader with one hand, and the needle with the other.

  1. Push the wire loop through the head of the needle.
  2. Keep the loop in the eye of the needle, and push the end of the thread through the wire loop.
  3. Pull the loop out of the eye of the needle, and it takes the thread with it. Easy!

Why is it so hard to thread a needle?

When most people thread a needle, they hold an inch or so of thread between their fingers and try to guide it through the eye of the needle. Leading it directly through is difficult, because the thread is flimsy and floppy.

What is the little metal thing in a sewing kit?

Use a Wire Loop Needle Threader:

A wire loop needle threader is a small metal disk, or handle, attached to a thin wire loop that you push through the eye of the needle.

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