Your question: How do you cancel a crate in knitting?

How does knit crate work?

In addition to receiving monthly crates that include 1 or more skeins of our in-house premium yarn in limited edition colorways and exclusive knit and crochet patterns, members also receive 50% off our Members Central shop and earn KnitCrate Stash Points to use towards your subscription or items on our shop.

How much does KnitCrate cost?

The Price. Knitcrate is only $24.99 (free shipping) for the subscription box. You can try one month and unsubscribe at anytime. If you want to try out a Knitcrate box make sure to use the coupon code WINDING20 for 20% off your first box.

How long does KnitCrate take to ship?

Awesome Shipping Rates

US Domestic Shipping Service Shipping Time Order Total
Subscriptions 3 – 5 business days All
Shop Orders 3 – 5 business days Between 0 – .25 lb
Between .25 – .5 lb
Between .5 – .99 lb

Is knit crate worth it?

This KnitCrate box was worth the wait! It wasn’t the softest yarn I’ve received from KnitCrate, but the color was gorgeous and matched my green eyes perfectly. For $24.99, we received 2 skeins of premium yarn, an online pattern booklet with 2 patterns, and sew-on gift tags for a retail value of $56 for just the yarn.

What do you get in Knitcrate?

A monthly subscription featuring our in-house premium yarn brands & 2 exclusive patterns (1 knitting, 1 crochet). Discover new favorites and enjoy knitting or crocheting a new project every month! Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew on the 1st of each month.

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How do I contact Knitcrate?

If you are having trouble submitting your inquiry using the contact form above, please email us directly to with your reason for contacting in the subject line. We reply to all emails in the order that we receive them as soon as we can. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

What is Crochet Club?

Crochet Club is the only crochet-focused magazine and pack on the market, offering a free eight-ball yarn kit with every issue, plus 55+ patterns to create by the UK’s top designers, making it best for value.