Can you finger crochet a blanket?

What size needles for a chunky blanket?

WHAT KNITTING NEEDLE TO USE: You’ll need this 32 inches long 25mm circular needle US 50 for this Chunky knit blanket pattern. You knit back and forth on the circular needle and not in the round. The circular needle is simply to accommodate a large number of stitches.

How many chains do you need to crochet a blanket?

To give you an estimate, the chain stitches you’ll need for a blanket range from 90 to 225 chains. This is because every blanket type differs in size, and you have to consider the yarn thickness and personal gauge. You may also be using a bigger hook, so the chains you’ll do might be lesser.

How many rows does it take to crochet a single blanket?

The exact number of rows will depend on how tightly you crochet, but here are some guidelines:

  1. For a 36″ x 36″ blanket, make 48 rows.
  2. For a 36″ x 54″ blanket, make 72 rows.
  3. For a 40″ x 60″ blanket, 80 rows.
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