Frequent question: What is a jasmine stitch?

Is Jasmine stitch a yarn eater?

Since it’s a continuous combination of puff stitches, single crochets, and chains it is a bit of a yarn eater. … Speaking of which, this would be a good stitch for variegated or self striping yarns.

What stitch uses the least yarn knitting?

What Crochet Stitch Uses the Least Yarn

  • Openwork Stitches. If you want to use less yarn, then openwork stitch patterns are for you.
  • Chain Stitch. The basic chain stitch is a fun and easy way to use the least amount of yarn!
  • Slip Stitch. …
  • Single Crochet Stitch.

How do you do star stitch?

Start Stitch – row and stitch multiples

The first row – the star row – creates the ‘stars’, which are essentially made up of a single crochet 5 together (sc5tog) (UK double crochet 5 together) – one for each point I guess – followed by a chain 1, which creates the ‘eye’ or centre of the star.

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