How do you cut a knitted sweater?

Can you cut your knitting?

Work only your crocheted stitches on the same column of knit stitches; if you veer to the left or right, your steek will be crooked. Cutting your fabric after you steek: After you sew or crochet the steek in place, it’s safe to cut your knitted fabric between the two lines of stitching.

Can you hem a knitted sweater?

Sweaters are tricky to alter since they are knitted and not sewn. To alter them you have to introduce sewing with a sewing machine and stitches. This way of hemming a sweater works well for sweaters with curved hems, sweaters with ties, sweaters with a split hem, and sweaters with thin ribbing.

Can you shorten a knitted dress?

When you cut it, cut just below the line. The stitches should hold the knit in place and stop the bottom unraveling. … It fuses to the back of the knit so that there is no movement or alteration in the knit when you cut it, makes it easier to stitch and hem like any other fabric.

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