How do you fix a bad knit stitch?

Why is my knit stitch not working?

There may be a few reasons for this: Cause #1: You might be making the stitches on the tapered part of your needle. Solution: Make sure to push your stitches back onto the widest part of the needle each time you make a new stitch. Cause #2: You may be tightening each stitch after you work it by tugging on the yarn.

Can you change yarn in the middle of a row knitting?

If you run out of yarn in the middle of a row, your options are the same: Tie a temporary knot with both yarns, leaving 4- or 5-inch (10- to 13-centimeter) ends; or knit the next stitch with both strands, drop the old one, and continue knitting from the new ball.

Why does my knitting keep getting wider?

If the sides of your knitting aren’t straight, but instead have little steps on either side, the knitting gets wider as you go along, or you have holes in your knitting, you are accidentally adding extra stitches. … There are two ways that stitches are frequently added to the knitting.

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