What is the function of the pattern selector on a sewing machine?

What is the function of the pattern selector?

5. Pattern Selector Dial. This little dial allows you to select one stitch pattern out of the many that come built into your sewing machine.

What is a pattern selector?

The selector pattern is an abstraction that standardizes an application’s store querying logic. It is simple: for any part of the store that an application needs access to, define a function that when given the full store, returns the desired part (or derivation) of the store.

What is a pattern selector dial on a sewing machine?

5. Pattern selector dial: Turn the pattern selector dial to set the symbol of the desired stitch. pattern. On computerized machines, stitches are usually selected on a menu screen. 6.

What does the stitch pattern control do on a sewing machine?

Stitch-length control- sets the length of the stitch. Stitch-pattern selector-Selects which pattern the machine will sew/straight/zig-zag/decorative.

What lowers and raises the presser foot?


Question Answer
Lifts and lowers the presser foot Presser Foot Lifter
Carries the thread and pierces the fabric Needle
Holds the needle in place Needle Clamp
Reverse sewing in order to secure stitches at end of seam Reverse Button
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What raises and lowers the needle?

Flywheel (or Hand Wheel).

The flywheel allows you to manually lower and raise the sewing machine’s needle. When you’re setting up a project to start sewing it, you’ll lower the flywheel in order to lower the needle into the fabric.

Which part of the sewing machine that regulates the tightness and looseness of stitches?

Sewing Machine Parts

Stitch Width Dial Controls the width of zigzag stitching
Thread Needle Plate Has guidelines to keep seams straight and even
Needle Thread Tension Dial Controls the tightness and looseness of thread (leave alone).
Thread Cutter Is on the back of the sewing machine to trim threads

What setting should my sewing machine be on?

Most sewing is done in the 2.0 to 2.5 range. If you are foundation paper piecing, you may want to decrease your stitch length so that the paper tears away easier. Top stitching and quilting are usually done in the 3.0 to 3.5 range.

How do I change the pattern on my sewing machine?

Raise the needle by turning the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) so that the mark on the wheel points up. Turn the pattern selection dial in either direction to select the stitch that you want to sew. If necessary, adjust the stitch width and stitch length for best result of sewing.