Where should the arc be restarted or struck on a previously unfinished bead?

How far should the arc be struck in front of the existing weld crater?

The work angle of an electrode is approximately 90° when making a groove weld in the flat position. To remelt a crater, the arc should be struck approximately 1/2″ in front of the previously deposited bead and moved back to retrace the crater to form a new weld pool.

How do you restart the arc?

While your welding, and about to run out of rod, whip the rod back into the weld pool bfore you lift off. (this wont leave a crator) When your getting a new rod, start about an 1/8″ inside your crator. (where you left off) Just get close enough for the arc to start, and go with the constant speed you had before.

What polarity is used for 7018?

A 7018 electrode is best used with a DCEP current. A 7018 has a low-hydrogen iron powder, making it easy to control, resulting in a smooth weld bead. There is a constant flow of current in the same direction. Even though you can use a 7018 electrode on DCEN current, it is not ideal for penetration.

Do you drag or push 7018?

Both Low hydrogen electrodes like E7018 and Iron powder electrodes like E7024 are run with a “drag” angle in the flat and horizontal fillet position.

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What is the first step to start the arc?

The arc is started by touching the electrode momentarily against the work to complete the electrical circuit before raising the electrode to establish the arc. This needs to happen quickly to avoid welding the rod to the work. “Tap Starting” and “Scratch Starting” are the two common methods of starting the arc.

What uses a low open circuit voltage to start the arc?

Torch: A device used in the TIG (GTAW) process to control the position of the electrode, to transfer current to the arc and to direct the flow of the shielding gas. Touch Start: A low-voltage, low-amperage arc starting procedure for TIG (GTAW).

What is the difference between 7018 and 7014?

The biggest difference would be the storage of the rods because the 7018 has a low-hydrogen coating on them, while the 7014 has an iron powder coating. Besides this, the 7014 rod has almost the same characteristics as the 7018 while being more suitable for beginners.