Why must the weld beads in padding be overlapped?

When depositing overlapping welds on a pad of beads the overlap should be about?

When overlapping stringer beads, use a work angle of 10 to 15 degrees toward the first stringer bead to obtain, proper tie-in. the tapping method.

How much are you supposed to overlap your beads when padding?

“No, you need to run the beads so they overlap ½ to 2/3 of the previous bead; aim your tungsten/stick/wire just above the toe line, so it wets into the top of the last bead and then flows down into the base metal. When you’re done you should have a flat surface at the top of the pad.”

What causes overlap in welding?

It occurs after the overflow of the weld pool on the weld metal surface. When the molten metal does not fuse with the base of the metal, it results in an overlap. This overlap might extend to form an angle less than 90-degrees.

What is the correct motion for cutting?

The knife should perform a rocking motion during cutting: the front top portion of the blade should stay on the cutting board during all times when cutting (or at least the majority of the cutting time), and the rest of the blade should go up and down.

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What is the final pass of a weld called?

cover pass. the final weld pass of a multiple-pass weld that forms the weld face.