You asked: What are the best Tunisian crochet hooks?

What size hook should you use for Tunisian crochet?

So in summary you will need: 30cm tunisian hook if possible, or normal hook with straight shaft. It should be 6mm if using a DK yarn, or two sizes bigger than the normal size required for your yarn.

What is the best yarn to use for Tunisian crochet?

This is because the stitches will either be very difficult to see, or the tension will not be the same throughout the pattern. Wool yarn and yarn plain from natural fibers, like cotton and bamboo, work very well for the thicker fabric of Tunisian crochet.

What are double ended crochet hooks for?

The cro-hook, is a special double-ended crochet hook used to make double-sided crochet. It employs the use of a long double-ended hook, which permits the maker to work stitches on or off from either end.

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