You asked: What to use to paint wooden beads?

What paint to use on beads?

Acrylic paint: Acrylic paint is a good choice to paint your beads because it sticks to most surfaces and cleans up with just soap and water. I painted my beads in shades of purple, but you can use whatever combination of colors you want.

How do you seal painted wood beads?

Finish your beads with 2 light coats of acrylic sealer. I prefer a matte-finish sealer. Allow the first coat of sealer to dry about 30 minutes to an hour before applying the second coat. Be sure to spray the beads outdoors and avoid breathing the fumes.

How do you finish wooden beads?


  1. add water. Add an equal amount of water to the cup and mix thoroughly.
  2. dye the beads. Add a handful of wood craft beads to the paint-filled cup. …
  3. allow the beads to sit. The color stain paint is made for projects like this, so it really worked quickly. …
  4. remove the beads to dry. …
  5. repeat the process.

Can you paint on beads?

You can paint beads with a variety of different types of paint. … The right combination of prep work and the appropriate paint will promote an attractive finish that will remain durable over a long period of time. Sand plastic beads to promote paint adhesion.

What kind of paint do you use on clay beads?

A straw (this is to make the whole in the centre of the bead) Acrylic paint and paint brush – you can buy this from the same places as where you got your clay from, and also most $2 shops should stock this. Some thick cord or string for your necklace.

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