Your question: What is a common fabric made on the raschel knitting machine?

What is a fabric that can be made by raschel knitting?


A FABRIC MADE BY RASCHEL KNITTING. Tricot is characterized by fine, vertical wales on the surface and crosswise ribs on the back. It has good draping qualities and is frequently used for lingerie and as backing for laminated fabric.

Which of the following material can be produced by Raschel machine?

Warp-knitted space fabrics are manufactured using the double needle bed raschel machine. The machine possesses at least four guide bars, but between five and seven guide bars are used most of the time.

What machine is real lace made on?

It is made on a Schiffli machine and is an embroidery that when done on net fabrics is called lace.

What are the two types of knitted fabric?

Knit fabric is a textile that results from interlocking yarn together with long needles. Knit fabric falls into two categories: weft knitting and warp knitting. Weft knitting is a fabric knit in which the loops run back and forth, while warp knitting is a fabric knit in which the loops run up and down.

What kind of material is micro raschel?

Made with soft polyester material, this Mattel Monster High Micro Raschel Throw will delight your daughter as she slumbers.

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What is interlock knit?

in•ter•lock [intərˈläk] : Interlock fabric is a variation of rib knit construction. Similar to a jersey knit except both front and back of the fabric look identical. Double knit construction makes this a thicker knit fabric. read more » The fabric is extremely soft, firm and absorbent.

Why should Lycra be used in knitting?

Presence of lycra will not only provide better form fitting characteristic but also enhances the comfort during use. On account of peculiar extensibility and surface characteristics, special yarn feeder is needed for feeding lycra yarn in the knitting machine.

What is another name for duplicate stitch?

“Duplicate stitch (also called ‘Swiss darning‘) is a technique for creating the look of colour work, but without the hassle of having to knit with multiple colours at once.