Can you make coasters out of yarn?

How much yarn do you need to make a coaster?


  1. Approximately 20 yards worsted weight (size 4), cotton yarn will make 1 coaster — you really want cotton for it’s absorbency. I used Yarnspirations Lily Sugar ‘n Cream — colors Hot Orange, Playtime, Yellow, Daisy Ombre, Hot Green, Lime Stripes.
  2. Size H crochet hook.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Darning needle.
  5. Measuring Tape (optional)

What material is used to make a coaster?

Cork might be the most commonly used material in DIY coasters. But most cork-based coaster projects only require cork board.

What kind of yarn should you use for coasters?

Cotton. Most in the fiber community would suggest cotton as the best yarn for coasters. There are several reasons why this fiber type reigns supreme over others. However, cotton isn’t necessarily the “fiber to rule all coasters”.

How do you seal coasters?

Apply 2 coats of a clear spray sealer to the coasters to seal and waterproof them. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area. Spray the top, sides, and bottom side. Let the sealer dry for 20 minutes or so.

Can you Mod Podge rope?

Cover your entire outside of the bowel with the rope, by wrapping it around. Take your mod podge and brush and cover the entire outside of the rope. Make sure you cover every bit of it. … You’ll know it is dry because the white sections of the mod podge will be clear.

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