Frequent question: How do I sew ribbon on fabric?

How do you make ribbon without puckering?

If puckering persists, add a stabilizer — a separate sheet that stabilizes fabric or trim in place — to the underside of the ribbon. As an alternative, hand stitches, such as the slip-stitch, produce an almost invisible stitch reducing the probability of puckering.

Can you glue ribbon to fabric?

Choose your glue. There are several types of fabric glue available, including glue for stretchy fabrics, washable glue, hot glue, iron-activated glue and more. Choose a glue that works with the texture of your ribbon, fabric and the intended use of your finished product.

How do you stop the ends of ribbon from fraying?

Stop the ribbon from fraying by melting the ends with heat. This is only best for nylon or synthetic ribbon. Natural fibers will burn instead of melt – which is what we don’t want. CAUTION – Use the flame with care so you don’t set the room on fire!

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