Frequent question: Why is my first knit stitch loose?

Why is my first stitch loose?

If you’re getting a column of loose stitches along the edge of your knitting, it’s probably a sign that the tension is uneven between your end stitches and the center ones. … When you’re knitting the edge stitches, tug the working yarn a little tighter than you normally would to help keep the stitch a little smaller.

Does blocking fix loose stitches?

Blocking can smooth out stitches, but it won’t magically fix uneven tension. If your knitting is “rowing out” or showing dramatic gauge differences between your knit and purl rows, you’ll need to adjust your knitting style.

How do you fix a loose stitch?

A loose knitting stitch is caused by too much yarn in that single stitch. Fix it by pulling the closest stitches on the same row, this will distribute the yarn more evenly across the row.

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