How do you cover a macrame ring?

How do you wrap a ring around yarn?

Tie a piece of yarn or string in a tight knot around the underside of the ring. Snip off the loose end slightly above the knot. Wrap the yarn or string around the underside of the ring, making sure to tug gently on the string with each wrap to make sure it is even and tight.

How do you finish the last row in macrame?

Tie an overhand knot in each cord at the end of your project. This is a simple finish, but effective for many pieces. Form a loop and thread the end of the twine up and through, pulling the knot tight against the last macrame knot of your project. Trim the ends below the overhand knots.

What is a macrame gathering knot?

A Gathering Knot is a finishing knot that gathers cords together and is often used at the bottom of macramé plant hangers. It is also sometimes referred to as a Wrapping Knot. Get more details on using this knot and other macramé knots in our stitch guide.

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