How do you embroider a puffy hat?

What is chenille in embroidery?

Chenille embroidery, colloquially known as “chenille” is a kind of specialized loop or chain embroidery, which is made with yarn, not typical embroidery threads – polyester or viscose. Thanks to use of yarn instead of threads , this embroidery method makes the pattern look optically thicker and more convex.

What is flat embroidery?

Flat embroidery is the most common embroidery used, it is where the decorative stitch is applied directly to the cap fabric creating a flat design. Flat embroidery can be used for the most intricate and detailed designs without distorting the image which makes it the most popular choice for embellishment.

What needle do you use for embroidery puff?

Use a larger needle; 80, Sharp, KK needles are recommended. Especially for thicker 3D Foam, such as 6mm foam, we recommend using the KK style of needles.

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