How do you sew a hidden pocket in a skirt?

What is L pocket in pants?

The tiny pockets on jeans and some other pants were designed for pocket watches. They were first used with the original Levi’s “waist overalls” jeans in 1890. People don’t use pocket watches anymore, but the pockets are still around.

How do you put pockets in a lined skirt?

Make sure that the top of your pocket is facing the top of your skirt. Sew pockets in place with 1/4″ seam allowance; backstitching will make the pocket sturdier. Repeat for both front and back “panel” and then press out.

Can a tailor add pockets to a dress?

Remove or add pockets

This is actually pretty straightforward for a tailor, and can make a huge difference for a pair of pants. Sometimes jeans look better with back pockets – but sometimes they don’t. … Up to you what your preference is – just know that your tailor is able to help you out with this one.

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