How is ribbon yarn made?

How do you make ribbon yarn?

Make a slip knot. Pull working yarn through loop of slip knot to create new loop, *pull working yarn through last loop to create new loop; rep from * until desired length. Fasten off; snip yarn tail.

What is flat yarn used for?

Simple crochet rugs work well using flat yarn. A bulky weight flat yarn can be substituted for T-shirt yarn in patterns such as this one, creating high-class home decor that’s cozy under bare feet. This small rug is designed for use in a bathroom but would also work nicely in a kitchen.

Why were ribbons so expensive?

Ribbons appeared when civilizations began crafting fabrics. They are among the oldest decorative or adorning materials. People have always looked for ways to personalize their clothing and household goods. When all textiles were handmade, items with the finest threads were the most expensive.

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