Quick Answer: What sewing machine does the great British sewing bee use?

What machines are used on the sewing bee?

What sewing machines are used on sewing bee?

  • Janome Sewist 725.
  • Janome Overlocker 6234XL.

Which sewing machines are made in Britain?

Sadly, there are no British manufacturers of industrial sewing machines. This is a market that is very much dominated by countries in Asia, with brands such as Juki, Brother and Siruba at the forefront. However, we still like to buy British whenever we can.

What happened British sewing Centre?

British Sewing Centre in administration/ceased trading

This company was called FLC Distributors trading as The British Sewing Centre, I bought a machine on the 13/5/19 and it appears on Companies House that they went into administration on 25/5/19, they have ceased trading!

Is there a junior sewing bee?

Working as a Junior Doctor often means that Rumana has long and stressful shifts and sewing has become an important way for her to destress and unwind after work.


Fact title Fact data
Works Junior Doctor
Likes to sew Baby clothes and modest fashionable outfits for herself
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