What does k1 below mean in knitting?

What does it mean to k1 below?

Knitting into the stitch below is a technique used for increasing stitches. Your instructions may tell you to “knit into the stitch below,” often abbreviated k1b or k-b. When you increase a stitch, you add one to your needle, so this technique adds a stitch to the row below the one you’re working on.

What does Pb mean in knitting?

Knitting Abbreviations Explained

Knitting Abbreviation Explanation
p tbl aka P1 tbl, P1b purl through the back loop
p-b purl stitch in the row below. (infrequently used to mean purl stitch in the back loop; see p tbl)
p-wise purl wise: Insert right needle down into the front loop, or up into the back loop for tbl

What does K3B mean in knitting?

Exactly. K3b means to knit 3 stitches each one through the back loop.

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