What does RL mean in knitting?

How do you knit rl1?

Right Lifted Increase (RLI)

Step 1: Use your right needle to pull the knit stitch one row below the first stitch on your left needle. Step 2: Place the stitch on the left needle, taking care to ensure it doesn’t slip over the stitch next to it.

What does it mean to slip marker in knitting?

September 1, 2010. The term sm in knitting instructions means slip marker. Slip marker assists you by not having to count stitches. You can use your ring or safety pin and when you come to it just slip on to the other needle. You can buy a slip marker at a sewing storew.

What is a lifted increase?

The Lifted Increase method is also known as a Raised Increase, and even sometimes as an Invisible Increase. “Lifted” or “Raised” because of the action done to perform it, and “Invisible” due to its discrete appearance, making it an elegant substitute for m1R and m1L.

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