What is yarn over?

What does yarn over means?

: to make an additional stitch in knitting or crocheting by bringing the yarn forward over the needle or hook.

What is yarn over mean in knitting?

In knitting, a yarn over is technique in which the yarn is passed over the right-hand knitting needle. … Yarn-overs are often used to increase the number of stitches, since knitting a yarn-over creates a new stitch where none existed previously, but does not use up a stitch on the needle.

Is yarn over the same as yarn forward?

Yarn Over. A “yarn forward” is more commonly the British term, while a “yarn over” is the preferred American term. … For instance, if you are working a purl stitch, your yarn is naturally in the front of the work.

Is Ravelry free?

To see all the wonderful offerings on the site, you’ll first need to register on Ravelry.com. It’s totally free to do so, too. Visit Ravelry.com.

What does it mean to yarn over crochet?

Wrapping the yarn over your crochet hook, called a yarn over (abbreviated yo), is the most basic step to every stitch in crocheting. Yarn overs can be used before or after you insert the hook into the next stitch, and sometimes you yarn over two or more times, depending on the stitch.

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Do you knit into the front or back of a yarn over?

Tips. The yarn starts always in front of the needle. … To get a bigger hole, wrap the yarn twice or more according to the knitting pattern around the right needle. If you don’t want a hole, then work the yarn over through the back loop.